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In our App you can turn ON/OFF the display of stations previously added to Favorites, filter stations by connector type or station status for easy station search. Choose stations near which there are places or amenities you need. Displays each day’s schedule and a link to the charging station owner’s website. You can leave a comment using the appropriate field or view station photos and comments left by other users, can route to the station, share information about the station, or make a complaint using the station’s advanced “More” menu.

Before you start charging in the app, insert the connector into the car and find it in the list of station connectors in the app. When the status of the connector changes to “Preparation”, click on the corresponding connector on the screen.
After the second click on the connector, you will be given a choice of payment option or charging will start automatically.

Our service provides two payment options. Payment from the balance in the system and direct payment by bank card (by holding funds). Both options are absolutely safe and do not allow you to lose money. With the first payment option, you can start charging by clicking on the appropriate button, but provided that the amount on the balance is not less than the allowed limit. When paying directly, you need to specify the amount for which you want to charge the car.
After choosing a payment option and starting the charging process, you will be transferred to the main screen of the application, and a button to go to the screen of current charging sessions will appear on the map. To complete a charging session, you need to find the charging session you want in the list of streaming sessions. To do this, click on the “Charging Sessions” button on the main application screen and click on the desired session in the list. To end the power supplay, please tap the “Stop the power supplay” button. To stop the charging process completely, disconnect the connector.

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