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Today, no one needs to be convinced that electric trains have become serious competitors to cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

Fuel cost savings
Our practice shows that if you drive 10,000 kilometers a year, a fully electric car can save you around 1000 euros in fuel savings alone! Plus, you save on maintenance and taxes.

Service cost savings
BMW Works Council Chairman Manfred Schoch explains the situation with a very impressive example: “An eight-cylinder internal combustion engine has 1,200 parts that need to be connected together, while an electric motor has only 17 of them.” The same is true with a transmission containing fewer parts, and with an exhaust system completely absent from electric cars – and where there are fewer parts, there is less chance of breakdowns.

Environmental improvement
Electric vehicles do not produce emissions when driven on electricity, and they are cleaner. Of course, there are emissions associated with the electricity required for charging. But in Montenegro, already today, electricity generated from the sun and wind would be enough for a third of the entire fleet. That is, if everyone switched to electric cars, a third would drive “in the sun and wind”.

Driving performance
An electric car is fun to drive! They have instant torque and a very smooth ride. They have no vibration or noise.

Energy sustainability
With an electric car, you don’t have to buy a spare generator in case of a power outage. The electric train battery will allow you to provide energy to the house for 20-30 hours.

you have questions?

We found answers on the use of electric cars

you have questions?

We found answers on the use of electric cars

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